Countries and currencies

The duty tax import calculator is suitable for calculating duty tax and value added tax (VAT) for products imported from a country outside the European Union to a European member state. The calculator is also usable as a general purpose currency converter.

All products that are bought in member states of the European Union (EU) are exempt of duty taxes and value added taxes (the VAT is already paid for in the EU-country you bought the product). For a number of European countries that aren't member of the European Union, such as Switzerland and Norway, there are certain exceptions. Products imported from these countries that are accompanied with a EUR.1 certificate are exempt duty taxes and value added tax. The EU also has treaties with certain non-European countries that are members of the European Free Trade Association (EFTA). Products imported from these countries are eligible for reduced duty and/or value added taxes. Again, these reduced tarrifs are usually only applicable if the products are accompanied with certificates that provide proof the products were produced in the country from which the product were sent.

Country Currency Treaty Duty tax Value added tax
Australia Dollar (AUD) non-EU Yes Yes
Brazil Real (BRL) Non-EU Yes Yes
Canada Dollar (CAD) Non-EU Yes Yes
China Yuan (CNY) Non-EU Yes Yes
Hong Kong Dollar (HKD) Non-EU Yes Yes
Iceland Krona (ISK) Non-EU, EEA1, EFTA2 Yes/no3 Yes
Japan Yen (JPY) Non-EU Yes Yes
Liechtenstein Frank (CHF) Non-EU, EEA1, EFTA2 Yes/no3 Yes
Morocco Dirham (MAD) Non-EU Yes Yes
Norway Krone(NKR) Non-EU, EEA1, EFTA2 Yes/no3 Yes
Turkey Lire (TRY) Non-EU Yes Yes
United Kingdom Pound (GBP) EU No No
United States Dollar (USD) Non-EU Yes Yes
Switzerland Franc (CHF) Non-EU, EFTA2 Yes Yes

1European Economic Area
2European Free Trade Association
3No duty taxes if accompanied with a EUR.1 movement certificate

The calculator can be used for calculating duty taxes and other costs when importing goods from any country outside the EU to a European member state, but we officially only support the following countries: Australia, China, Japan, Hong Kong, Morocco, Norway, Turkey, Russia, United Kingdom, and the United States. Future updates of the duty tax calculator will include support for more countries.